A New Monument to Honor Those in Unmarked Graves

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JEFFERSON CITY - Jefferson City held a formal dedication of a new monument Tuesday morning in the Old City Cemetery.  The new remembrance monument recognized individuals buried without permanent gravestone markers or with markers removed over time.  People with ancestors or loved ones who do not have anything engraved can get the name, birth and death dates engraved on this monument.  Due to prior weather conditions and vandalism, many gravestones in the cemetery are unmarked. The cemetery dates back to 1820.

The mayor made an appearance to honor those that are loved, but not forgotten.  "I encourage everyone in the city with loved ones who are interred without markers at this cemetery to contact the city's Planning and Protective Services department for information about getting their names on this lovely monument," said Mayor Eric Struemph.

An engraving on this monument will cost about $50.  For more information, contact David Grellner or Donald Beck at 573-634-6410.