A New Study Reports The Risks of Drowsy Driving2

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COLUMBIA - A new study from the Centers for Disease Control states that driving while drowsy is just as dangerous as drinking and driving.

The study states that nationally, 30,000 car accidents involve drowsy drivers, 700 of those accidents are deadly. In Missouri, 3.3% of drivers fall asleep behind the wheel. Experts said men and young adults 25 and under are more likely to fall asleep behind the wheel compared to other demographics. They also said peak times for drowsy drivers are during the mid-day and late night hours.

A major sign of drowsy driving is when a driver suddenly drives off the road without trying to stop the car. The National Sleep Foundation said other signs of drowsy driving include drifting lanes or hitting the shoulder strips, frequent blinking or yawning, daydreaming and trouble remembering the number of miles driven.

Experts suggest that drivers pull of the road if they begin to feel tired. Experts also suggest that drivers eat or drink caffeinated food for an extra boost. And finally, experts advise that drivers do not travel alone for long distances so if drowsiness occurs, someone can take over the wheel.