A New Weather Pattern Change

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COLUMBIA – The messy weather pattern we’ve been in is about to head east and we’ll be left with cooler temperatures for the weekend with highs in the middle to upper 70s, seasonal for the end of May. However, as June begins we are anticipating a warm and mostly dry high pressure system to overspread the central United States.


As we round out the last week of May we’ll see an end to what we in meteorology call an Omega Blocking Pattern. This is when the shape of an Omega (Ω) is seen on upper atmospheric pressure maps due to pressure differences.

In the middle of the Omega is a large high pressure system which generally has warm and drier conditions under it.

Two low pressure systems flank the high pressure and they generally have more moisture and cooler temperatures.

Overall, this pattern can be difficult to break and can lead to droughts and flooding alike, depending on where you are under the Omega Block.

Luckily for us, this pattern will be pushed out by a strong low pressure system moving out of the arctic over the weekend. That strong low pressure will bring cold temps to the Great Lakes region and New England over the weekend into next week. Meanwhile, a new weathermaker will be moving into the central US from the desert southwest.


A seemingly dominant high pressure system is expected to push out from Mexico this weekend and enter to southwestern United States. This will bring hot temperatures with it.

By the start of the new week, and therefore the start of June seeing as the new month kicks off on Monday, this warm high pressure will push into the Rocky Mountains.

By the middle of the week this system may enter the Great Plains and tip toe closer to Missouri. This will bring warmer, if not considered hotter, temperatures for the middle of the week onwards. This means high temperatures may reach the upper 80s and lower 90s, which is considered average during the heat of summer in late July and early August in central Missouri.

Drier conditions are also expected with this large high pressure system.

We are more than a week out from this happening so of course things may change, but as always, since my confidence is high enough in this possibility I am passing along this in-depth information to you. It’s part of our First Alert promise at KOMU 8. When we have confidence in a weather system, you’ll be the first to know.

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