A play about Harriet Tubman makes its way to Missouri Theatre

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COLUMBIA- Tuesday night, the Missouri Theatre will be hosting Karen Jones Meadows’ Harriet’s Return: Based Upon the Legendary Life of Harriet Tubman.  

This play gives its audience a look into Tubman’s life beyond being the Underground Railroad conductor.

All 31 characters in the play, are played by Karen Jones Meadows, who is also the director.

“This is about coming into your own power, listening to your intuitive sensibility, and taking action no matter who you are,” Jones Meadows said.

The play was originally written in a children’s form, before Jones Meadows decided to make an adult version.

The play made its way to Mid-Missouri after one MU faculty member saw the play years ago and brought it to the attention of the University Concert Series.

John Murray, who is on the Concert Series committee is excited to have the play in town.

“I think this is going to be an important way to help educate the community,” Murray said.

You can purchase tickets from the concert series website.

Tickets can also be purchased at the Missouri Theatre Box Office or by calling 573-882-3781