A Rich Baseball Tradition for the Brinker Family

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CALLAWAY COUNTY - Colin Brinker's only given up three earned runs all season. His era is only 0.45. He says he learned a lot about pitching form his big brother, Justin.

"I mean I saw him pitch when I was in junior high and he was in high school and doing real good," said collin Brinker. "I wanted to be just like him when I grow up, and follow in his footsteps pretty much."

Collin is following his footsteps and chasing Justin's school record for career earned run average. Collin needs to finish this season with a 0.70 era to break his brother's career record of 2.40.
"I'm rooting for him," said Justin Brinker. "I hope he breaks my record. As bad as it hurts to say because we are really competitive. I hope he beats my record."

Justin considers himself a big brother and a coach for Colin. 

"Growing up any time I saw him every time I saw him try doing something wrong I would try and correct it, and kind of go from my experience and try and help him out. But he's picked it up on his own really well."
Bioth brothers think the outcome will be the same.

"I think he will. The way he's going, he's been putting in the time. He's been preparing rigorously, physically, and mentally for this."
"With the way things are going so far this year I think I will." And Justin is impressed with his brother's career at North Callaway.
"That's a difficult question, but I think he's better. I think he's a better athlete than I was. I'm OK admitting that."
One record, two brothers, a rich baseball tradition for the Brinker family.