A Special Night for Sedalia Boy

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SEDALIA - Donavynn Cronk is an 8 year old first grader suffering from A.L.L., or Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

"it's tough he likes to play outside, he tries to play sports activities," said David Cronk, Donavynn's father. "But he's had it rougher because he can't be around a lot of other kids and do a lot of things that kids his age would normally do."

The Washington Elementary School staff first decided to help out the Cronk by fixing his family's roof and bathroom.  Donavynn's literacy coach, Angie Meyer, said despite his condition donavynn always tries to come to school.

"Even though he's affected, he hates to miss school," she said.  "He's even come to school when you can tell he doesn't feel good. But he just wants to be there." 

Meyer's brother and manager of the Sedalia Bombers, Jud Kindle, also got involved. The Bomber manager helped organize a game which would help raise funds to help Donavynn and his family.

"Donavynn is definitely an inspiration to our team," said Kindle. "I mean he's putting on a good fight he's battling leukemia. He's got a big heart."

"We see someone is struggling and it gives us an opportunity to give back to him and also to the community," said Bomber player Jeff Emons 

There is a Facebook page called "Team Donavynn," which has updates on his condition. His father said his son is getting better, and the team even visited him on Wednesday. He has a bone marrow transfer match and will undergo surgery on July 7th.

"It means everything to us," Cronk said. "This money is going to help with the added expenses of having to stay in the hospital with my son and the gas, and you know this is just an unbeliavable night. Words would not be enough for what these people have done for us."

The Bombers won the game 1-0. But more importantly, the team raised $2,050 for the Cronk Family