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COLUMBIA - With the potential for flooding throughout the week, Boone County Emergency Management advises caution to drivers.

KOMU 8 spoke with Emergency Management and took to the roads to see exaclty where problems might come up. 

Wednesday morning, main roads, including I-70 and Highway 63 were wet but passable near Columbia.

Boone County Emergency Management advised slower driving, especially on sidestreets and backroads. 

A few more tips included:

  • Do not pass cars going full speed on side roads, as the splash from the water can harm driver vision.
  • Be extra cautious when stopping and turning, as hydroplaning is a serious issue that could result in crashes.
  • Proceed with caution when passing any vehichles, both on and off the road, as a lack of driver vision in rainy weather is often a main cause of crashes on main roads.

If a flash flood warning is issued, the Boone County Office of Emergency Management recommends going to high ground immediately and leaving your vehicle if stuck in rising water.