Abortion rights activists aim for public vote; opponents focus on education

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COLUMBIA- Groups like The American Civil Liberties Union and NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri are working to recruit volunteers to help get the latest abortion law on the ballot.

They want to collect 100,000 signatures to put the law to a public vote in 2020.

Abortion opponent Bonnie Lee said the goal of her side right now is to educate the public. Lee volunteers with organizations like 40 Days for Life.

"We will do what we have always done, educate and tell the truth," she said. "And let our people know that they need to again be a voice."

She said people have already voted once by choosing their legislators.

"We will support the law that the legislatures have passed," Lee said.

The executive director of NARAL, Mallory Schwarz, said the group is trying to get involved in the community as much as it can by giving people an outlet to express their frustration in the form of gathering signatures. 

"Its a very limited time line to collect 100,000 signatures, but it can be done and we are confident," she said.

Schwarz said NARAL's Pro-Choice Power Hour is a weekly event where members are  able to educate Missourians and give them an opportunity to sign up and volunteer as well. 

Lee said she believes abortion rights activists are struggling.

"I do believe the abortion activists are in panic because the truth has come out about abortion," she said. "We had doctors doing these abortions that are not qualified, that's not caring about women, that's not caring about people, that's not caring about their clients and it shows that abortion is not safe and lie has been exposed."

Schwarz said the ban on abortion after eight weeks is "restrictive" and "dangerous".