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COLUMBIA -Open enrollment is underway for the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. And while Boone County has an insurance provider, it's a bit more complicated when it comes to in-network coverage.

Cigna is the only insurance provider for the county, but MU Health Care -- one of the largest health care providers in the area -- isn't an in-network provider for Cigna Connect.

MU Health Care said, "We have been working with Cigna Connect and expressed our desire to be included in that network. Cigna must agree to allow MU Health Care to be an in-network provider for Cigna Connect, and to do that, we would have to reach mutual agreement on the terms of participation."

Primaris Foundation program manager Scott Minea helps people in mid-Missouri get enrolled in health insurance.

"Although Boone County is a lot of it, we cover six counties," Minea said. "But for Boone County, Cigna is one insurance provider that offers five plans in the marketplace and the surrounding counties it's Anthem."

In Boone county there are five options through Cigna Connect.

"Within the plan there are different options with different levels of coverage," Minea said.

Minea said this isn't uncommon but insurance providers change with in-network providers from year to year.

"It's more that way this year, but every year is different," Minea said. "It's really hard to compare one enrollment period to another and in some counties in the state we have more plans than that, more providers." 

Minea said it's better that people know this before they enroll in coverage.

"It's not that uncommon for that kind of thing to happen," Minea said. "It's unfortunate of course, but the good thing is with the open enrollment period knowing this going in." 

The enrollment period is open until December 15th and coverage begins on January 1st.

"We have all of our assisters who do insurance counseling, who can help individuals work through and navigate the changes they have to do, seeking out a new provider, a new doctor in the other network," Minea said. We can talk through what all of that means."

No matter where you live in Missouri you can go to the Cover Missouri website to find an someone to help you with getting enrolled in insurance.