Accident at Stadium Boulevard and Old Highway 63 Causes Traffic Jam

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COLUMBIA - Two vehicles were involved in an accident blocking the righthand turn lane at Stadium Boulevard and Old Highway 63 Friday night.

Police say a green Ford Ranger truck died while merging onto Stadium from Old 63. A woman driving a red Ford Focus did not see the man stop and tapped his truck's bumper. No one was injured in the collision. The truck died in the middle of the righthand turn line, causing traffic to back up to Broadway. Cars were able to pull around the truck, but were forced to yield until the lefthand lane was free.

Heather Stewart, the Ford Focus owner and a Columbia resident, said she did not see the truck stop. "I glanced left to make sure I could go right, for just a second, and then I tapped him," said Stewart.

Forty five minutes after calling police, an officer arrived on the scene. Tiger Towing arrived soon thereafter and jump started the truck.

Both drivers left the scene about an hour after the crash.