Activists travel to Washington, D.C. for Peoples Climate Movement

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COLUMBIA — Close to 25 environmental activists from mid-Missouri boarded a bus bound for Washington, D.C. Friday afternoon headed to the Peoples Climate Movement march. 

The movement organized a march in 2014, before the UN Climate Summit began. Four hundred thousand people marched through New York City's streets, demanding action of the global climate crisis. The Peoples Climate Movement continued to march since then. 

The next march takes place on April 29. It begins in front of the Capitol, then surrounds the White House and ends at the Washington Monument. 

The 25 who traveled from Columbia embarked on a 20 hour drive to join in on the march. 

"I’m doing this for my grandchildren. We have to do something right now," Sharon Bagatell, a group leader of the Northeast Missouri Citizens' Climate Lobby chapter said. 

That 'something' was what Mike Diel, a member of the Sierra Club, called bringing in public education.

"A lot of people don’t know the dangers we're facing," Diel said. "We need to burn less carbon and find renewable energy. We also need to stop cutting forests down. We need to stop making plastic. There’s a whole plethora of things that we need to do. Scientists tell us that’s going to change the climate, and once the climate becomes unstable it’ll be a long time before it becomes stable again." 

In recent news, there has been national debate on whether or not science validates climate change. 

"Well the way science works it’s possible for scientists to misjudge data. But the idea that they’re actually lying about it or trying to get government money or something is silly. It’s all peer-reviewed. Either its right or wrong, but its not a lie," Diel said. 

Despite any opposition, spirits on the bus were high. 

"I’m really excited. I’m already meeting other people and sharing ideas. I feel the movement, the inspiration," Bagatell said. 

A sister march will be held at the Courthouse Square in Columbia on April 29 at 1 p.m.