Additions To Missouri's Move Over Law Could Happen Soon

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COLUMBIA - Missouri's "move over" law could include Missouri Department of Transportation vehicles, if signed by Gov. Jay Nixon. Missouri lawmakers passed the legislation during last week's session and now, MoDOT is just waiting on the governor's signature.

MoDOT representatives are praising the law. They hope the legislation will increase worker safety. As of now, the "move over" law requires Missouri drivers to yield or change lanes when driving past emergency vehicles such as ambulances, tow trucks and police cars. The new legislation would add stopped MoDOT vehicles to the list when there are flashing amber or white lights.

According to MoDOT, there are approximately 2,400 employees that work daily alongside Missouri highways. Since 2000, four workers have been killed on the job. 

As of Tuesday, there is no time line as to when the governor will sign legislation. According to MoDOT, Gov. Nixon is considering the legislation this week.