Adopt your fur-ever friend on National Pet Day

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COLUMBIA - National Pet Day is the perfect time to adopt a new furry friend.

Central Missouri Humane Society Associate Director Michelle Casey said adopting a pet is a way to change your life for the better.

"It's an amazing way to give back and to help animals in need, and also improve the quality of your own life," she said. 

The Humane Society can hold up to 200 animals, but it still gets crowded around this time of year. 

"It's coming up on kitten season, which is in the spring and summer, so we usually have a lot of litters of kittens," Casey said. "During kitten season, we can have upwards of just 200 cats alone, so that's a time when we really really utilize our foster homes."

Casey said the humane society's adoption counselors will spend as much time as possible to help a potential adopter find the perfect pet for their lifestyle. 

"Anyone who’s considering adopting, I would just encourage them to come down to the shelter," Casey said. "You can always come down and take a look, you're not obligated to adopt at any point. We want to make sure that we’re setting our animals and our adopters up for success."

Check out the gallery above to see just a few of the animals currently available for adoption.