Affordable Housing may be coming to 8th Street

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COLUMBIA - Community members will meet at Columbia City Hall to discuss a possible new affordable housing development Wednesday at 7p.m.

According to the meeting agenda, the proposal from the Community Housing Development Organizations, or CHDO, will have 5 to 10 single family affordable housing units on 8th street.

Randy Cole, the Housing Programs manager of Colombia, said he's excited for the upcoming development and that it's been a work in progress.

"We started talking to people two years ago," Cole said. "People seem excited about improving the area."

The plan for housing was approved November 4th, and would be 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in each house.

Buffy Nichols and her husband drive from Quincy, Ill. to Columbia 3 times a week for treatment at the VA Hospital. She said this affordable housing is something the community needs.

"I stay with family on the couch," Nichols said. "With this housing, we'd just move here and save hundreds of dollars on gas."

But some neighbors said this housing could bring more crime to the area.

"I'm worried that we would just see more danger on the streets with more people coming and going," Emily Rose said.

"I don't understand why anyone would be against this idea," Nichols said. "I'm ready. I want this to go up now so I can submit my application."