After Prop 1 fails, Columbia PD asks for more online reporting

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COLUMBIA- Columbia Police officers are asking for the public's help after the failure of Proposition I, which would have allowed them to gain 40 new police officers.

Staff want people to start utilizing online reporting more for non-emergency crimes, like shoplifting

Deputy Chief Jill Schlude said, "It's very helpful for us if we can send the officers we have available to situations where they are most needed."

Boone County Joint Communications operators say they have to answer every call and treat each call as important as the next.

The hope with the new online system is people who call joint communications have a legitimate emergency, where life or property is in immediate danger.

Schlude said staff is also working on a new system of dealing with false alarms, among residential properties. Right now, officers respond to false alarms when they can't contact the owner. The new system would hold people more accountable for maintaining their alarm systems, but specifics aren't available.