Agent says Hurricane Florence should not impact Missouri insurance rates

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COLUMBIA - Missourians should not see their insurance rates skyrocket as a result of Hurricane Florence, which reached the Carolinas Thursday.

State Farm agent Greg Hill said Missouri rates are determined only by losses in the state. He says insurance companies prepare for natural disasters.

"We factor it into our rate schedule. Whether they are hurricanes, tornadoes or anything. It is all apart of the big picture," he said. 

Hill said only states in which the natural disaster happens will see rates go up, but even those rates will not increase tremendously.

"For example, the Joplin tornado was certainly a very costly tornado, and it was a large loss for us and other insurance companies, but we do not try to recoup everything we paid in that tornado on losses because, again, it's part of the big picture," he said. 

Jamie Blake and her family moved to Joplin the day before Missouri's worst natural disaster hit. 

"It was a normal sunny day. We  woke up that morning and went to church," she said. 

Blake said three to four hours later their church was completely gone. 

"You don't have any warning. They can just happen like that and that's what happened that day. It was just like, boom," she said. 

Hill said the best thing people can do is be prepared.

"Most policies cover most of the natural disasters, but you just want to make sure with your agent that your covered all the way you should be," he said. 

Blake said she watched as the insurance companies rebuilt homes in her family's new town after it was destroyed.

"It's like a scar, it will always be there but it is not an open wound anymore. You just have to push through, things will go back to normal," she said.