Ahmonta Harris' father speaks after gunfire erupts at son's funeral

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COLUMBIA - Ahmonta Harris's father said he knows the man personally who police said caused a fight and gun shots at his son's funeral. 

James Glenn, father of Harris, said he is "mad" and "embarassed" after John Cosey allegedly opened fire after the funeral service at Christian Fellowship. 

The probable cause statement said an unknown person punched Cosey and as the fight happened, Cosey fired seven shots at the assailant.

Glenn said he has known Cosey since was child and is close with Cosey's mother. 

"His mother and I are good friends and for that to even happen, to bring a gun, to the ceremony is disrespectful," Glenn said.

Glenn said he heard form other people at the service that this was possibly a gang-related incident.

"From what I was told, in the aftermath of it all, he is a part of the Eastside gang or whatever it is," Glenn said. "I think we have fools who think they are gangs and want to do what they see on TV and hear in music... I don't know that. That's just what I was told."

He said Cosey and Harris grew up together. Glenn said Cosey's mother called him crying after the incident. 

Cosey's mother even sang at the funeral. 

"That was even more disappointing that your mother is here singing at the funeral. She is a friend to the family. I call her family," Glenn said.