Air Conditioner Companies Profit During this Hot Summer

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COLUMBIA - Even though the weather has cooled down slightly from the 100 degree weather we had in late June and early July, air conditioner companies are profiting from this hot summer.

Phil Figueiredo manages the company for Chapman Heating and Air Conditioning in Columbia. He could not be more excited about the heat and how it has helped the company earn more money. The recent temperatures have caused a higher demand for his services.

"We have not seen that much of a demand in awhile. Our service guys are working hard to keep up," said Figueiredo.

On average, the typical technician at Chapman is working 10 to 15 percent more. The more they work, the more the company and the people who work on air conditioners earn.

Matt Dye is one of the technicians that works on the air conditioners. He said that he works two hours more per day and could work more if he wanted to.

"I get up go to work around eight. Before this heat wave, I worked till 4:30 but now I am out working in the sun until 6:30," said Dye.

Dye said that even though it's not pleasant to work in the heat, he welcomes the work and is happy to help people in the area.

"I spend so much time outside, that it does suck. And if I am working on someone's air conditioner, chances are I can't come in and take a break. But I welcome additional work," said Dye.

Chapman has been able to service people within a day or two but may have to hire more people to keep up with demand along with current employees working extra.

Figueiredo said the most common repairs can be prevented. He offers these following tips to keep your air conditioning working and save you money in the long run.

1. Change your air filter. Dirty air filters can cause dust and debris that should should not be floating around you system.

2. Have someone come perform a yearly maintenance and inspection on the system. This can prevent a lot of problems and detect problems before they become more costly.

3. Clean out the external part of your air conditioner. Spray it down to get bugs and yard waste out of the intake area.

4. If your air conditioner breaks, schedule an appointment immediately and keep all blinds down to keep out heat.

5. It is better to leave your air conditioner on all of the time rather than shutting it off while you are gone. Shutting it off makes your house warm up. When you turn the air back on, it has to work extra hard to cool off the house and can cause mechanical stress overtime.

Tiffany Nelson recently moved into a new place. She discovered her air conditioner was broken. She said she did not have to wait long for the repair but that it was still miserable in the extreme heat.

"The heat was unbearable. It was too hot to sleep, too hot to do anything, and the air conditioner was broken. It cost a bit to fix but luckily my land lord took care of that, said Nelson.

Even though Nelson does not wish for any more extremely hot weather this summer, Figueirido hopes that July and August will bring the warmer temps for his business.

Photo Courtesy of DaynaT.