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COLUMBIA - Columbia Mayor Bob McDavid is set to announce future changes to the Columbia Regional Airport at 9:30 a.m. Friday at city hall. Columbia Regional Airport Advisory Board Chairman Gregory Cecil told KOMU 8 yesterday he expects the announcement to be "probably good news." The mayor's office would not comment on what the changes would be. 

There is a lot of speculation to what these changes could entail, from adding another destination to the schedule to expanding the terminal or runway. 

Starting in 2008, the airport's only carrier is Delta Airlines which sends two or three flights daily to Memphis, Tenn. Memphis is currently the only destination from the airport.  Airport officials told KOMU starting Friday March 2 Delta Airlines will resume the midday flights.  The midday flights were suspended in December. 

McDavid told KOMU the Columbia Regional Airport loses around 1,000 passengers business everyday when they go to the St. Louis and Kansas City airports. 

However Friday morning some Columbia Airport patrons told KOMU they prefer the Columbia Regional Airport because of its convience, parking and because it is less crowded than St. Louis or Kansas City. 

KOMU 8 will have a reporter at the news conference this morning and stream it live on