Airport Advisory Board Met Wednesday to Discuss Future

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Airport Advisory Board met Wednesday afternoon to discuss airport improvements and possible changes to come. 

The newest addition will be flights to and from Atlanta, Georgia.  These flights start Thursday. Mayor Bob McDavid will speak at a welcome event for the first arriving Atlanta flight at the airport Thursday at 3 p.m.

"The Atlanta flight's huge for the community and the area because we are getting a flight to a global city that has lots of opportunities for business," board chairman Greg Cecil said.

The Airport Advisory Board would also like to eventually add flights to Chicago, Dallas, and Denver.  But that would probably mean adding another airline to the airport which is a bigger presence in those cities.  There is no definite timeline for when these flights could happen. 

The board also discussed expanding the terminal and building jetways, but it doesn't have enough money yet for those improvements. The board would like to expand the terminal in two to three years, but it could definitely take longer.  Cecil said the airport could get more federal money if it improves its runways.

Cecil also said the board would also eventually like to have bigger passenger planes.