Airport continues cleaning up after Trump rally

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COLUMBIA - President Donald Trump's rally and the crowds who packed Columbia Regional Airport on Thursday left a lot of work for clean-up crews the next day.

“We’ve been here all morning cleaning this up,” said Mike Parks, the airport manager at The Columbia Regional Airport. “It looks a whole lot better now. It was pretty bad before.”

Crews from airport and Boone County started picking up trash and items left on the ground Friday morning.  Most of the trash was empty food wrappers, boxes, and plastic cups.

Workers created a small lost-and-found at the airport for the many umbrellas left behind.

People left trash on properties near the airport but which don't belong to the city. However, those places will not see the same support as airport. Steve Sapp, director of communications relations in Columbia, said private property owners will have to clean up from the rally themselves.

Officials from Cartwright Business and Technology Park, a business park about 1 mile away from the airport, said they saw a lot of their land damaged with tire tracks.  Cars parked on the grass but some got stuck in the mud, leaving tire tracks along with the garbage left at the park.

Plaza Commercial Reality, the owners of the business park, didn't say how they would clean the business park. Agent Mike Grellner said he had no comment and referred KOMU 8 to management.

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