Airport Expansion

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COLUMBIA - Mayor Bob McDavid told KOMU 8 News Thursday the city council will discuss expanding the Columbia Regional Airport terminal in the coming months. 

The airport currently offers service with Delta Airlines through Memphis.  McDavid said in order to capture a larger market of travellers, the airport must increase the number of airline partnerships and the size of the terminal.

"The airport has been the same size since 1969. If we want to continue job growth and the growth of the University of Missouri, we have to make it bigger."

McDavid said many businesses want to operate out of Columbia and other mid-Missouri areas, but decline offers because access to the area is difficult.

The current terminal at the Columbia Regional Airport consists of one security line and one check-in area.  McDavid said about 1,000 people from the mid-Missouri area travel to St. Louis and Kansas City airports everyday because they offer more options.

McDavid said the expansion plan could triple the terminal's current size.  The expansion would create a new entry room and departure lobby. He hopes an increase in size will attract more airlines and people to use the airport. 

McDavid told KOMU 8 News the estimated cost for the project is between $10 and 15 million.