Airport Style Security Coming to City Hall

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JEFFERSON CITY- City officials may beef up security at city hall and the municipal court inside. The Municipal Court wants metal detectors, which would be turned on for meetings and court proceedings.

The City Hall city council chambers currently have security cameras full time and extra security personnel on duty when council or court is in session.

City Manager Nathan Nickolaus said he hopes new medal detectors will bring peace of mind to the newly appointed judge in Jefferson City, who originally suggested the idea.

Similar to Jefferson City City Hall, Columbia City Hall has 24-hour surveillance cameras installed. Columbia City Hall also utilizes 3 to 4 security officers for City Council meetings and other important events held at City Hall.

Moberly City Manager Andrew Morris said the city have basic security measures set up. The city has had police officers present at their City Hall meetings since 2008.

"Like any city, if people were bringing weapons inside city hall, we would step up security," Morris said. "But right now, I would argue that it works out very, very well, what we have in place now."

City officials in both Auxvasse, Fulton and Columbia claim they have measures similar to Moberly- basic security cameras and police officers present at meetings.

Nickolaus said the metal detectors would be donated by another government building in the state of Missouri that is not using them. They would not cost the state any extra money.

Jefferson City Hall would be responsible for staffing the metal detectors at the designated times. Those times would be during bi-weekly municipal court hearings and possibly city council meetings. As of now, Jefferson City Hall has a metal detector wand that is randomly used at municipal court hearings.

The plan for adding metal detectors will be finalized by Jefferson City Hall staff after the source for the metal detectors is designated.