Akin Pushes Forward on the Last Day to Withdrawal from Senate Race

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COLUMBIA - Tuesday is the final day for Senate candidates to drop out of the race.  Although there has been talk of Akin leaving, the Representative held a press confrence Tuesday in St. Louis to stamp his name on the ballot.

Press Secretary of the Akin campaign Ryan Hite said, "As he has said the past several days and today, he does not expect to step out of the race.  He will see this though to November."

Akin's press confrence Tuesday also was the start of his "Missouri Common Sense Bus Tour."  He plans to be in Gape Girardeau and Sikeston on Tuesday and will make stops in Joplin and Springfield later this week.

Akin also has more monetary support coming in since confirming his place in the race.  The campaign office believes this will increase even more now that the bus tour is underway.

However, Senator Clair McCaskill's campaign spokesperson said, "We have no control over the money that could or could not come back in to Akin's campaign, but we are confident that Claire is going to have the opprotunity to make the case to Missouri of why she is the senator on their side."