Alabama fans not fazed by Missouri's back-to-back wins

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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. - Fans of the Crimson Tide are used to winning. Alabama is football royalty when it comes to college football, especially in the Southeastern Conference. 

Meanwhile, the University of Missouri is the new kid on the block. The Tigers have only been in the conference for 3 years, but they have managed to win back-to-back SEC East Championships.  

"We appreciate good coaching, good players and good teams," said Ken Gaddy, the director at the Paul W. Bryant Museum. 

KOMU-8 talked to students around the Alabama campus who said they aren't worried about Saturday's game at all. 

"I think once Saturday rolls around and they play 'Bama, they'll know their place," freshman Corbyn Wile said. 

One thing is for certain: Everyone is ready for Saturday.