Alabama sophomore determined to not let cancer stop her

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TUSCALOOSA, AL - For Corbyn Wile, the University of Alabama isn't just her school, it's a family affair. 

"I actually have three older sisters, and they all three came here," Wile said, with a smile.

But there is one thing that sets her apart from her sisters: she is battling a rare form of tissue cancer for the second time. Through it all, the University of Alabama has been a been a consistent bright spot through dark times.

"Coming back here and going to school and doing everything, it's something that I wanted to do. It's helped me to live my life and keep going and keep doing and keep being normal," Wile said.  It hasn't always been the university helping Wile. One of its biggest rivals, Auburn, has helped her as well.

She met Auburn freshman Kayla Perry through Facebook and cancer treatments, creating a close relationship.

"It's nice to have her. She's knows what I'm going through and I know what she's going through. It's nice to have that support system," Wile chuckled.
And even though she has bigger things to worry about, football will always be a big part of Wile's life. 

"It's something to look forward to. It's something to be serious about but not serious about," she said with a nod. She isn't at all concerned about Saturday. "Once they go up against Bama, it'll show where they really stand."

For now, her cancer is stable, but there is no cure. Wile doesn't want to pursue experimental treatments and is taking it one day at a time. She wears a bracelet around her wrist from her friend Kayla's charity always. It reads "No one fights alone."