Alcohol sales flourish over football season

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COLUMBIA - Mizzou football has just wrapped up what most fans are calling a disappointing season.

Although the Tigers did not perform to expectations on the field, the Mizzou athletic department has one thing to celebrate off of it. 

Alcohol sales have taken off at Faurot Field. Through October, Mizzou’s total concession sales were up to $1,000,089. That’s 54% up from last season’s total through October of $649,642.

The athletic department says net alcohol sales through the same time frame totaled $458,304, 46% of total concession sales.

Mizzou’s deputy athletic director, Nick Joos, says the success can be traced back to many factors.

“I think the SEC had a great process that they went through in setting up what the guidelines were for each institution to then make the decision,” Joos said. “And we've had outstanding help along the way. Not only in athletics from our entire staff that would be responsible, but also from MUPD, campus leadership, so many people have been helpful in putting together a plan that has worked.”

Fans have also shown their support for the new policy, saying it improves the gameday experience.

One said that they love it because more drinks means more people having fun and more money for the University.

Another fan said it's great because both students and parents are able to drink and have fun.

Following the success of alcohol sales during football season, the athletic department has implemented beer and wine sales at Mizzou Arena for men’s and women’s basketball games. 

Joos gives credit for the success to the SEC for implementing their plan.

“They've done a really good job of giving great guidelines,” Joos said. “There's a lot of thought that was put into developing a policy such as this, and I think that, again, they tried to make it an inclusive policy that protected the safety of student-athletes, the coaches and the fans, obviously, and I think they were able to do that.”

MU is expected to continue alcohol sales at Mizzou baseball and softball games. Joos says the athletic department has until February 1st to make the decision.