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COLUMBIA- MFA Oil Company checked out of its request to have land rezoned for a Break Time gas station Monday afternoon. The original plans were to develop a convenience store on the southwest corner of Grindstone Parkway and Rock Quarry Road. 

Third Ward City Council Representative Gary Kespohl said he received a phone call Monday morning from the attorney for Break Time saying they were going to withdraw their request.

"They felt there was enough dissension and non support of the issue," said Kespohl. "They did not feel like they had the votes so they canceled to pass the motion."

This has been a controversial issue for the past two months. Neighbors who live near Rock Quarry and Grindstone petitioned against the rezoning for the Break Time. The petition required a "super majority" vote from city council, which means five out of the seven members needed to vote in favor of the rezoning. 

"They just felt like they did not have enough votes," said Kespohl. 

The rezoning for the Break Time was previously requested three times. 

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