All God's Children Helps Teach Autistim Awareness

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COLUMBIA - Every week, a group of special needs kids gets together in a tiny music room at Broadway Christian Church for a Sunday school. Members of that group, called All God's Children, learn the same lesson every other Sunday school group learns, but they do it a little differently, according to coordinator Teresa Wigand.

"We're open to children with any disability. But a lot of the children attending do have autism. And so, what we will do is just use maybe a simpler language when necessary. And we have lots of visuals, which means lots of pictures," said Wiegand.

Class is centered around hands-on activities such as crafts and coloring. Wiegand said this really helps her special needs students learn the material from the lesson every week. It also helps serve a need in the community. Wednesday, state legislators heard from various autism awareness programs about the need for more programs like All God's Children in the community.

 To find out more about All God's Children, you can visit the Broadway Christian Church website or call (573) 445-5312.