All in the Family

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COLUMBIA -- Family and friends came together on a June weekend to water-ski at Columbia's Lake Sundance.

Scott Daugherty water-skis, but Scott wasn't the first Daugherty to put on the skis. He started skiing because of his dad. "They've seen it. They've grown up with it. They've grown up in the water. You know they sledded at 3, skied at 4, slalomed at 5," Scott's dad Jack shared.

And the sport has been passed down from father to son yet again. 7-year-old Braden Daugherty said, "Because it's a family sport and we can all do it." His father Scott said, "Yeah, it instinctively happened, just being out here, and him being around the lake every weekend; and when he got old enough wanting to ski and obviously saying yes. We didn't not let him."

But there's also a female in the family, and she's a national champ. Erin Daugherty won a 2008 national slalom championship. "It's awesome. It's been, I told my mom, I was talking to my mom, it's been such an emotional day. I get more nervous when they ski than when i do. But it's so exciting to see my nephew, 7-years-old, skiing in a tournament, his first tournament, and my brother who hasn't skied in a tournament for over 15 years. Really exciting to see him get out there again."

The Daugherty family was one of many families that water-skied at Lake Sundance that weekend.

The 2012 Missouri State Water Ski Championships are on July 28, 2012 in Hartville.