Alternative Funding for Missouri Veterans Homes in Voters Hands

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MEXICO - Alternate funding for Missouri's Veterans is in the hands of Missouri voters. 

A new lottery ticket that would benefit Missouri Veterans homes across the state will be on the November ballot. If approved, additional money will become available to serve the state's veterans.

"This is more than long term care, its a home," said the assistant administrator of the Mexico home, Brenda Ezell. "It's an extension of the service they have given, and it's our way of giving back."

The Missouri Veterans Commission trust fund divides its $30 million budget between all of its homes, cemeteries and veteran services.

The Missouri Veterans Home in Mexico is one of the seven homes the commission trust fund benefits.

The money can only be used for specific things. 

"Trust fund money works toward medication, food, any construction project on the property, as well as general operations of the building," Ezell said.

In addition to the money received from the trust fund, the Missouri Veterans Home also benefits from reimbursements from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. 

If there is not enough money available to assist veteran residents, they must pay up to $1,950 a month in fees. 

With so many groups receiving money from the fund, Veterans Commission Public Information Officer Daniel Bell said it's too difficult to know how much each organization receives yearly from the fund without digging deeply in to the budget.