Alyssa Bustamante Among Prisoners Transported to New Cole County Jail

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JEFFERSON CITY - Alyssa Bustamante now has a new home.  She was among more than 90 inmates, Sunday, that were moved into the new Cole County Jail.  The new $28 million facility can hold 206 inmates, while the old jail held 53.  Cole County Sheriff Greg White said around 40 inmates were moved from the old Cole County Jail, around 30 inmates from the Pettis County Jail, and around 20 inmates from the Morgan County Jail.  White said it will make it easier on the Sheriff's Department to have all their inmates in one place.

"Now when we need to take an inmate to court, we can take them across the street instead of having to drive to Morgan or Pettis County to pick them up," White said.

Besides more room, the new jail also has more security features.  There are 200 cameras placed around the jail.  The old jail had around 15.  The Cole County Sheriff's Department also has the option to expand the basement of the jail if it needs to. If they decide to expand the maximum capacity of the jail would be 440 inmates.