Amazon Key lets package deliverers into your home

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COLUMBIA - Amazon announced in October that it would allow its deliverers into the homes of its Prime customers. A move the company says will reduce package theft.

Prime customers pay a monthly fee of $8.25 which includes unlimited, free two-day shipping on many items. To enable the Amazon Key service, Prime customers would have to pay an additional $249.99 for the Amazon In-Home-Kit, which includes a smart lock and Amazon Cloud Camera.

Heres how it works according to the Amazon Website

"You’ll receive a notification in the morning and another just before the delivery arrives at your address. The driver will always knock first, and then request access. Amazon verifies the delivery driver through an authentication process, turns on Cloud Cam to record, then grants access for the driver to deliver your package just inside your front door."

Columbia resident and Amazon Prime member Matthew Cummings says the Amazon Key just makes him too uncomfortable.

"My main concern is just security," Cummings said. "Just getting stuff stolen from delivery people scares me. I hope this can be a reliable service."

Amazon ensures its customers that the right safeguards are in place and they have nothing to worry about if they follow the correct steps.

The Amazon Key will be available to Prime customers later this month in 37 cities across the United States. On that list of cities are St. Louis and Kansas City, Kansas. 

Longtime St. Louis resident and Amazon Prime member Steve Woodrow says it's an interesting idea to say the least.

"We order many packages using Amazon Prime, especially over the holiday season," Woodrow said. "With so many packages getting stolen off porches these days, especially in larger cities, it sounds like a good idea. I believe it's safer than it sounds on the surface."

With many Amazon customers remaining on the fence, only time will tell if the companies latest innovation will pay off. 

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