Ameren Gives Donation to Academy

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COLUMBIA- Ameren Missouri officials presented officials of the Missouri Scholars Academy with a check for $10,000 Monday afternoon on the MU campus.

The Missouri Scholars Academy occurs every summer on the MU campus where high schools students take college-level courses, live in residence halls and participate in various community service projects.

The academy director believes those participants may have a leg up on others.

"Many of our alums are out doing really terrific things now and we're proud of that and we want to continue the program that encourages students to continue to study and to excel," director Ted Tarkow said. "[They] eventually continue to return to society and results with results they've been able to derive from."

The academy chooses its participants based on a variety of criteria.

"There are many things that go into choosing the participants," Tarkow said. "One thing that is looked at is standarized test scores."

Students in the program will be able to "declare" a major and a minor and take corresponding classes. Some of the classes include advanced mathematics, science and foreign language courses.

Ameren became involved because the company wanted to help future college students.

"Ameren became involved in large part because some of our employees saw their kids participate," Ameren customer service advisor Holly Wipfler said. "We had first hand experience on how great the program is."

If the program continues to grow, there may be more funding coming from Ameren.

"Right now we are comfortable with donating $10,000 but if the program succeeds, we will have discussions to donate more money in the future," Wipfler said.

Due to the recent economic downturn, the state has slashed funding for the program. More than 300 Missouri high school students each year are selected to participate in the program.