Ameren Holds Exercise for Emergency Responders

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LAKE OZARK - Representatives of nine counties along the Osage River met with federal, state, and local emergency response units for a functional exercise Wednesday.

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The exercise was a simulation a flood of Truman Dam leading to a failure of Bagnell Dam. The emergency units created responses to the simulation, and then critiqued their performances. 

Alan Sullivan, a consulting engineer for Ameren at Bagnell Dam, said there is nothing to worry about with the dams.

"We do not expect any problems with the dams," Sullivan said. "All of our inspections and testing show that Bagnell Dam is very safe and Truman Dam is very safe. But it's always good to have emergency plans that would be in place in case...the unthinkable ever happens." 

This type of exercise happens every five years. The nine counties present were represented by their emergency management directors.