Ameren Missouri teams up with The Samaritan Center to bring A/C to community

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JEFFERSON CITY - Ameren Missouri and The Samaritan Center in Jefferson City teamed up to provide 50 air conditioners to the community starting Tuesday morning. 

The first person to visit the center and get an A/C unit was Stella Williams. She says the chance to get a unit would be a tremendous help while her grandkids visit over the summer. 

"It's made me feel wonderful. I don't have central air in my home. Therefore, I have to put window units in the bedrooms, living room, what have you. So several air conditioners are needed. It comes in handy to have an extra air conditioner to, if nothing else, put in the room with the kids," said Williams. 

Ameren has been providing air conditioners to those in need around this time every year for the past 12 years.

Director of Central Missouri Ameren Chip Webb says the donation of the air conditioners is a good way to give to the community in need. 

"It's a great source of pride for myself and for ameren missouri to be able to support our communities in the way that we do.  We do alot of things to reach out to communities and this is just one of them," said Webb.

"When we see, just like Stella there getting ready to pick up an air conditioner. She has grandkids at home and it's going to help them be more comfortable this summer. It warms the heart to see that happening." 

Project Specialist Denise Kuensting says this partnership has benefitted the community. 

"We just want to thank Ameren Missouri for donating the air conditioners. This project is very helpful for our communities and the residents within the area," said Kuensting. 

Individuals have to be age 65 or older, a mother (expectant or with a baby), or have a medical need to qualify for the air conditioners.