Ameren Removing Hazardous Materials from Columbia Site

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COLUMBIA - Ameren Missouri is cleaning up contaminated property it owns that is part of a residential development district in downtown Columbia.

The Ameren property at 210 Orr Street was formerly part of a manufactured gas plant site. The site is bordered by Orr Street to the west, Park Avenue to the north, St. James Street to the east and Ash Street to the south.

Warren Mueller, manager of the environment assessment with Ameren said the company is responsible for cleaning 55 sites on its property. The site in Columbia is the last one in Missouri to be cleaned up. The company has finished cleaning up more than 30 sites over the past 20 years. Mueller said the remaining sites are all in Illinois. 

The property in the North Village Arts District was contaminated with gas plant tars which contain carcinogens resulted from a former manufacturers gas plant that was operating there. Ameren plans to remove 30,000 tons of contaminated soils and building materials from the Columbia site.

Ameren will build a temporary structure at the site to cover the excavation of contaminated soil.

Under the oversight of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Ameren started cleaning up soils under the site that was impacted by gas manufacturing residues in March 2013. The cleanup is expected to be completed by July 2014.

For more information about the site's history, current risks and project details, check out Ameren Missouri's fact sheet.