American Legion Raffles Car to Fundraise for Renovations

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COLUMBIA - Veterans in Columbia's American Legion are raffling a car to raise money to renovate the building.

Rick Kitchen, Commander of the Legion, said the building needs a makeover. "It needs some paint, and it needs a new window, it needs new doors, new flooring, new lighting, new ceilings, we've got a lot of things."

The current building on Legion Lane was built in 1963. The legion is fundraising to pay off the loans that they've taken out to renovate the building. 

"If we can't get enough money from our fundraising, we'll have to shut down the building," said Elizabeth Picray, American Legion Sergeant-At-Arms.

The first prize is a 2012 Kia Sorento, or $18,000 cash. The second prize is a 2012 motorcycle, or $9,000 cash. The third prize is a 2012 Four Wheel ATV, or $7,000 cash. The tickets cost one hundred dollars each. The winners of the car raffle will be announced on Monday at a Memorial Day BBQ.

For more information on raffle tickets, visit the American Legion's website, or call them at (573) 442 2950.