An MU Vice Chancellor Reflects on Years Working With Brady Deaton

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COLUMBIA - MU faculty, staff and students said their final goodbyes to Chancellor Brady Deaton Friday.

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Cathy Scroggs said she has worked with Deaton for about 12 years now and describes him as a remarkable person.

"Brady has always been an optimist," Scroggs said. "He believes in the very best of people. He believes in the very best of this university, and he is very committed to it and he is willing to persuade anyone that wants to listen about the value and importance of this university."

Some of the accomplishments Deaton has made since becoming chancellor include raising enrollment by 28.7 percent, transitioning MU to the SEC, and opening 21 MU buildings including the MU Student Center.

Scroggs said the new chancellor will have big shoes to fill.

"Brady has been the kind of person that the students have related to even at times when they haven't agreed with him. They have great respect for him," Scroggs said. "Both Brady and Ann care a great deal for them."