Animals roamed vet school campus for 52nd annual open house

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COLUMBIA — Dozens of animals roamed MU's College of Veterinary Medicine campus on Saturday for its 52nd annual open house.

Kate (left) and Molly (right) greeted visitors and gave rides throughout the day.

The event was a chance for prospective vet students to tour the college's facilities and meet with faculty.

"We're all very very proud of where we come from, so it's great to see everyone come together," said Sara Bryan, a current vet student at MU. "People don't realize how much we do here at the vet school and getting a glimpse into that hospital and seeing everything that we're capable of doing."

Bryan said she expects up to a couple thousand people to attend the open house throughout the course of the day.

"It really gives us an opportunity to show off the great programs that are offered here, which I think sparks interest in many potential students," she said.

The college hosted speakers to talk about a variety of animal safety issues. One of the speakers is a current MU professor, Dr. Jeff Bryan, who focused on how to "de-toxify your home."

Erika Sanchez, a local resident, and her two daughters were anxious to hear Bryan's talk to learn more about pet safety.

"We're considering to adopt a dog soon and I want to be safe and not have anything that could potentially harm him or her in our home," she said.

For a full list of activities planned for the day, visit the vet college's Facebook page.  


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