Annual Goose Roundup Kicks Off At Binder Lake

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JEFFERSON CITY - The annual Canada goose roundup kicks off Wednesday morning at Binder Lake.

The Canada goose is a sub-species was once thought to be extinct in the United States, until a few small populations were discovered. 

Geese lose their flight feathers in early summer and Missouri Department of Conversation crews use boats to herd the flightless geese across the water into on-shore nets that serve as pens. 

The geese are then given leg bands, and their gender and age are recorded. All of the geese are then released back to the area where they were taken. The leg bands create a database that enables biologists to track geese populations, survival rates, and movements.

The information also allows state conservation agencies to regulation hunting sessions. Similar roundups are held across Missouri and the rest of the United States. 

[Editor's note: This story was changed to correct the species of the goose.]