Annual mid-Missouri Heritage Festival celebrates 42nd year

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Parks and Recreation Department tweeted Saturday evening that due to weather, the 42nd annual Mid-Missouri Heritage Festival will be closed on Sunday.

The festival was held in Columbia this weekend. It is a family-friendly event where visitors can walk around to different tents, tour a museum, shop at a flea market and learn about the history of mid-Missouri.

Vendors were dressed as traditional tradesmen and tradeswomen in order to bring to life what mid-Missouri was like during specific time periods.

The event consisted of music, homemade arts and crafts, as well as different types of food provided by local food trucks for visitors to enjoy. There was also an area for children to play and interact with different things.

One vendor told KOMU 8 News that he has been participating for many years and his favorite part is the history of it all. He goes around to different towns and teaches about specific time periods. He even has some one-of-a-kind items that he is very proud of.

"I like the history, of course, being just I've loved history all my life," re-enactor Phil Woolfolk said. "I'll be 70 years old in two years. I've been a Civil War re-enactor for 41 years. I have been doing rendezvous for six years."

Woolfolk said that this event is a must do each and every year for him.