Another election, another tie in Rocheport runoff

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ROCHEPORT - A second runoff election ended in another tie for Rocheport's Ward 2 alderman position.

Rocheport held the runoff election at the community hall for incumbent Tom Priester and challenger Angela Rapp.

Art Auer is the Boone County elections manager and said the results are still unofficial, but there was an increase in voter turnout for the second runoff election.

"We used paper ballots," Auer said. " Judges at the polls tallied the votes and came up with a 20-20 tie."

The April 7 municipal election resulted in a 12-12 tie for the candidates. 

Auer said Ward 2 has 93 registered voters. 

Mike Friedemann holds one of the Ward 2 alderman positions and said more voters turned up for the local election. The tie leaves the candidates with many options.

"It's my understanding that the options for these two candidates are they can flip a coin, they can draw lots or we can have another election," Friedemann said.

But Rapp has another idea.

"Looks like we should find an alternative to the voting booth or maybe we could do an arm wrestle," Rapp said. "Or flip a coin to get the ball rolling and get moving so we can represent our people."

Priester said he isn't sure what he wants to do yet.

"I'm not too sure about a coin toss," Priester said. "Arm wrestling? I don't know about that either. I don't know how strong she is."

Priester has served 2 1/2 terms and said he will explore all his options before he makes a decision. 

"A coin toss just doesn't seem to me like it's doing the citizens of Rocheport an honest way to decide whose going to be their alderman," Priester said. 

Rapp said it is not fair to make the people vote again.

"It's obviously just a fluke," Rapp said. "The same amount of people [voted], so let's take another method and get the ball rolling."