Another Intrusion Results In Stricter Security at the Domain

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COLUMBIA - The sixth break-in this month at a student housing complex on Stadium Boulevard was reported Friday morning.

Although nothing was taken from the apartment at The Domain, the suspect was able to escape authorities. 

The Columbia Police Department issued a release describing the suspect as a 6"0" male, 200 pounds, wearing a stocking cap.

Columbia Police said they are certain one individual is responsible for the string of crimes in the area and has been targeting college-aged females.

The release also asked residents to lock all windows and exterior doors, especially at night. 

Friday morning, The Domain's staff sent an email to all its residents issuing a similar request. 

"The most important thing is to make sure all your doors are locked," it said. "This person is going through unlocked doors."

The email also stated certain security measures are being taken in light of the intrusions.

"We have extended our courtesy officer hours and have had these extended hours for a couple of weeks," it said. 

Courtney Schier, a Domain resident, said she appreciates what the staff has been doing for the safety of its residents.

"They've had security patrolling the area. They've been giving us the proper phone numbers to call," she said. "I think they are definitely doing their share."

Police has asked residents to report suspicious persons or activity in the area by calling 911 in case of an emergency or 573-442-6131 for a non-emergency.