Anti-Crime Task Force Prepares to Meet with CPS

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COLUMBIA - The Mayor's Task Force on Community Violence is hoping Columbia Public Schools can provide more information on risk factors for violent crime.

At the meeting Wednesday evening, members discussed questions to ask Peter Stiepleman.  He's the Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education and will be the one presenting to the task force in December.

Although many of the formulated questions focused on truancy, attendance and dropout rates, members did bring up additional questions. Member Christopher Haynes hopes these additional questions will help the task force identify early risk factors.

"Violence in Columbia, it's big," he said. "So we got to think about how they got to where they started with that violence. Me, myself, I believe that that will probably help us figure out how we can incorporate things to help the youinger generation grow into the older generation."

Member Glenn Robertson said the presentation will provide the task force with much-needed insight into reaching local youth, "It will give us more information about youth, truancy, kids not getting their education and how, you know, maybe we can get more involved."

The task force plans to meet again on December 4 and 11.