Anti-violence task force to hold final meeting this week

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COLUMBIA - The Mayor's Task Force on Community Violence in Columbia will hold its final official meeting later this week.

Columbia Mayor Bob McDavid established the task force in 2013 after a series of high profile crimes that summer. Since then, the group has met twice a month on Wednesdays to talk about ways to help bring down crime in Columbia.

The main goal for the group was to prepare a final report, due this month, that has ideas about how to bring down the city's crime rate. The task force includes city council members as well as others from around the community.

Christopher Haynes is a task force member and said it's important for the community to come together in order to help reduce crime in the city. Haynes said the most important thing everyone can do is unite to help fight crime together.

The group's final meeting will be at 7 p.m. Wednesday at Columbia City Hall. On top of that, the task force will talk about its proposals at the next city council meeting on November 17.