Anticipation for MPJ and senior night raises concerns for scams

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COLUMBIA - Saturday is the last home game for the Mizzou Men's Basketball team and the anticipation for Missouri's freshman phenom to make what some people think is his last appearance in Mizzou Arena, is causing people to claw for tickets.

Online ticket markets and pages on Facebook have been flooded over the past week with people trying to buy and sell tickets to this Saturday's match-up.

The Better Business Bureau sent out a press release providing tips to buying tickets online with the SEC and NCAA Tournaments on the horizon.

Last year, the Better Business Bureau received over 300 reports about ticket scams related to sporting events and concerts.

"The best thing to do is to purchase from the venue when possible.  If you are going online to purchase items, make sure that you know your source.  You need to do your research," Michele Gleba.

In February of 2015, the Columbia Police Department deemed its lobby as a Online Exchange Zone. This area is open 24-hours and is heavily surveillanced.

Ben Adkisson is the Communication and Marketing Director for the City of Columbia and thinks it is a great idea to have this safe place for people to come and feel safe when they buy and sell online.

"It gives people a secure place to finalize their deals that they broker online," Adkisson said.

Adkisson encourages people who buy and sell online to use this area to their advantage and says if the person you're supposed to be meeting with is hesitant about meeting at the police department, take that as a red flag.