Apple vs. Samsung Suit Won't Affect Current Users

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COLUMBIA - Apple has listed multiple Samsung products it wants banned from US stores after a jury in California decided Samsung "willfully " infringed on five of seven Apple patents.

The list of 21 products includes Samsung's flagship smart phone Galaxy S III as well as the Galaxy Note, another popular Android phone. Apple says the products were "copycat products".

Several Samsung customers have expressed concern if the judge agrees to the ban, they would have to return their current Samsung phones.

But Verizon Wireless spokeswoman Brenda Hill told KOMU 8 Thursday Verizon customers don't have to worry about a Samsung recall.

"Anyone who has one today does not have to give it back or change it out," said Hill.

She added, she could not speak for other wireless carriers, but there has been no change to Verizon's inventory or lineup as of Thursday. A representative from U.S. Cellular also told KOMU 8 the ban would not affect its company. A spokesperson for AT&T said the ban would not affect customers that are current Samsung phone users.

A T-Mobile spokesperson told KOMU 8 in a emailed statement, "T-Mobile is committed to minimizing any potential impacts to its customers that may flow from the jury's verdict. We decline to speculate about the potential impact of any future legal proceedings between Apple and Samsung. Our focus remains on offering a full range of innovative products to meet the needs of a wide variety of consumers."

KOMU 8 reached out to Sprint as well but did not receive an response. Samsung's Galaxy S III is one  of the most pre-ordered devices of 2012 on the Android platform. The Judge overseeing the case has set a December 6th hearing to consider Apple's request.