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COLUMBIA - Officials at the Activity Recreation Center are working to make sure people stay cool this summer.

Crews are repairing an air conditioning unit located in the pool area. This is one of the most temperature sensitive areas in the facility because the pool creates a lot of humidity.

Some of the pieces in the system were not functioning correctly and, officials say it could have caused further damage to other parts of the A/C unit.

Columbia Parks and Recreation Services Manager Gabe Huffington said the department was aware it needed to make repairs eventually.

"We thought we would be able to push those off for another six to eight months," Huffington said. "But in fear that we could have further damage to other components in the system, we went ahead and proceeded."

The repairs will only take about four to five days, and ARC users can still use the natatorium and pool during that time.

"It’s been 15 years since the ARC opened," Huffington said. "And this is the first major repairs and renovations that we’ve had to make to the system."

Huffington said the money for the repairs comes from the membership fee people pay to use the facility.

"A portion of that is set aside to do capital improvement projects or make emergency repairs," Huffington said. "So that funding allows us to make this type of repair at any point of time if we need it in terms of an emergency."

ARC officials have been speaking to the manufacturer of the A/C unit to look into repairing and renovating other units in the complex to make sure everything is working correctly for the future.