Archery Expo in Ashland attracts young and old

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ASHLAND - The Missouri Department of Conservation, the Southern Boone Area YMCA and the National Wild Turkey Federation teamed up to host the first Archery Expo on Saturday. 

"We hope that the archery grows in this Ashland area,” Brian Flowers, Missouri Department of Conservation Outdoor Skills Specialist, said. “Archery is a growing sport.”

The organizations invited kids ages 6 to 17 to learn about the sport of archery. 

The free Archery Expo took place at the Charles Green Conservation Area on Minor Hill Road. Staff taught basic archery safety, shooting techniques and other skills. 

"Whether you hunt or shoot recreationally, archery is a great way to get outdoors and discover nature," Flowers said. "Safety skills will be stressed during this basic program."

All of the participants had to attend a mandatory safety training before shooting. 

Flowers said Missouri has 325 schools that teach archery. 

"It’s a lifelong sport so people of all ages of all abilities can shoot archery," Flowers said. 

Not only did participants get to shoot targets, but they also got to shoot 3D animals such as a turkey, deer and bears. Flowers said 3D Archery is a competitive sport. 

"It’s also a fun way to allow hunters to practice for the hunting season," Flowers said. 

Flowers said the bows they used fit a variety of individuals. 

"They’re not a set draw length so the equipment is, although it’s standardized amongst our programs, it fits a variety of shooters and anybody can shoot it," Flowers said.  

One participant said he would participate in the expo again.

"My favorite part about today is the 3D targets." Javin Patton said. "It was really, really fun."